• Yoga For Everyone

    We have created Be-yoga Haywards Heath as a dedicated space for the community to develop and deepen their yoga practice.

    Be-yoga's mission is to provide 'Yoga for Everyone'. We are passionate about the benefits of Yoga and we have classes for all abilities, ages and levels of fitness. Most of our Hatha yoga classes are held in a heated room, it's about 32 degrees. With Hot Yoga, the body responds better to stretching as the warmth gently increases our natural flexibility and the heat helps us to relax.  

    If you're not very bendy - hot yoga is for you!

    We also have a schedule of non-hot classes and will continue to offer more choice and more classes to our growing community.

  • Bryony

    Bryony - Be-Yoga Instructor

    I love teaching yoga, the practice and philosophy inspire me daily, motivate me to serve others and help me to deal with life's challenges. 

    I knew soon after my first class that I wanted to teach, I trained with Allie Hill at Yogahaven in 2008 and during the last 8 years I’ve been teaching yoga in London, Brighton, and Morocco.

    The opportunities I've been given to teach a wide variety of students of all ages and fitness levels from students in their 90's to professional footballers has informed my teaching and I believe this practice is for everyone. 

    I worked for two years on Yogahaven Teacher Training courses in Morocco which was was an honour and a privilege . Sharing knowledge, skills and experience with over 60 trainee teachers, watching the yoga community grow and being inspired by the friendship and passion for the practice we all share is a continuing joy.

    I've also had experience setting up my own classes in church halls, large corporations, schools and sports clubs.

    Seeing how a variety of different ages and abilities can really benefit from yoga practice has inspired me to create Be-yoga and after several years of dreaming and planning, I'm so pleased to be here at our beautiful yoga space in the heart of Sussex.