• Application for 2020 is now open! Call 07818422387 or email bryony@be-yoga.uk.com for an application pack. We are also running a next level training for qualified teachers at Suryalila this year September 28 - October 4th.

  • 95% of our trainees are currently teaching yoga, our training works!

    We support you along the way to develop your understanding of yoga and our practical course gives you the skills to share this with others. A combination of modules and a week intensive means you are fully immersed in the practice with time along the way to integrate and align the teachings with your daily life. 

  • Our next 200hr Foundation Training starts January 2020


    We offer a  comprehensive and practical course to develop skills to learn and to teach all that modern yoga has to offer, you will learn how to instruct intelligent and healing movement, therapeutic breath work, philosophy and lifestyle ideas for happiness and wellbeing.

    Train with us to become a confident yoga teacher in a small group with our ongoing mentor support, join a community of brilliant people and a network of support as you train. 

    We have developed the Be-Yoga teacher training as an inclusive, integrated, supportive and fun training providing you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to share your passion for yoga in your own unique way. Our graduates offer yoga to many students of all ages and physical abilities, we know yoga works for everyone and our community reflects this, Be-Yoga graduates are currently working in schools, yoga centres, gyms, health clubs, day centres, community centres and with many private clients.  

    Please email bryony@be-yoga.uk.com for an application form.

    We know yoga helps us to live more fully and be happy, this foundation training will enable more qualified teachers to offer the healing practice of yoga to more people.  We have brought together a group of passionate, skilled, experienced tutors, guest teachers and anatomy experts who will share their skills and practice to support you in your training.

    Our next 200hr course starts in January 2020


    Jan 25th - 26th *  Feb 22rd-29th  *   March 28th - 29th *  April 25th- 26th *  May 16th-17th *   June 13th -14th * July 4th -5th 

    Our course starts with a weekend induction at our beautiful yoga centre in mid-Sussex, we then travel to the Moroccan sun for an 8-day immersion in practice, together from sunrise to sunset. The remaining modules are back in Sussex at Be Yoga.   

    A 200-hour basic foundation training for those who have a regular yoga practice and want to take the next step, to deepen their practice and gain more knowledge of the teachings of yoga.

    More details below...

  • Be-yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School with the International directory Yoga Alliance


    On completion of our course, you will be able to register with the YA as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and be part of their international directory.  

  • Deeper, continuous learning, through a long term, flexible course structure

    An introduction day at Be-Yoga in January is the start of our course, followed by an intensive 8-day residential training in Morocco, here we will focus on the practical elements of the course. Yoga is an experiential teaching, once you experience the different practices you can begin to understand how to instruct others. Twice daily yoga asana practice, chanting and meditation, this is a time to really immerse yourself in the practice. In a beautiful yoga shala overlooking the sea, we will practice daily meditation, dynamic vinyasa practice as well as restorative and Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra. Here you will also practice teaching techniques in small groups, refine your knowledge of alignment in asana, key poses and how to structure a balanced practice.

    This time is followed by 4 weekend 2-day modules, where we will cover the remaining aspects of the course. The final module will include classes taught be all the trainees and our final practice together, closing circle and a graduation party. 

    There will be 2 essays, 2 written exams, 2 self-practice assessments,  practical assessments, class observations and a Karma yoga project to be completed during the course. 

    All trainee teachers will be given a class pass at Be-Yoga during the second half of the course.

    This 200-hour foundation course is designed for yoga practitioners with at least 2-3 years experience of a regular yoga practice to take the next step and become an instructor.

  • Location

    You will learn at Surf Maroc's world famous yoga home Villa Mandala on the Moroccan coast and back home at Be-yoga's beautiful studio in the heart of Sussex & upstairs at Hayward's heath town hall, both are within easy reach of the rail station with parking options. Be-yoga is a fully equipped, purpose built yoga centre with two yoga rooms and spacious changing facilities with showers.

    During the training, you will have the opportunity to practice with us at Be-yoga as well as practising your teaching technique in our regular community and Karma classes at the studio, this is a brilliant way to get a feel for setting up your own classes and promoting yourself and your work. 

  • Course Content


    History of Yoga, Religion and Philosophy

     You will learn about the roots of yoga, the ancient teachings and religions which have shaped the practice we know today, how modern yoga came to the west and how traditional yoga informs our daily life. Yoga philosophy informs the ethics of today's yoga teacher, the study of the key yoga texts, the Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita are included in this module.

    Anatomy and Physiology

     We will cover the basic knowledge of anatomy you need to safely instruct yoga practice, learning about the structure of the body, cardiovascular function, digestion and basic neurology. We will also cover common injuries and conditions which you will encounter and how best to modify the practice to teach in a therapeutic way.

    With our anatomy expert Silvia Laurenti, a physiotherapist & yoga and pilates teacher you will be guided and supported to explore and learn in practical ways how the physical body responds to yoga Asana and Pranayama practice. 

    The Subtle Body and Ayurveda

     Chakras, Koshas, Gunas and Doshas . We will learn basic principles of Ayurveda and the art of ancient healing. Many different cultures around the world have used Chakra theory and the science of nature to heal and grow for centuries. Learn how Yoga is intertwined with these practices and how to relate the ancient theories to modern life.

    Sequencing, Adjustment and Flow

     Clever, informed and skilful sequencing is vital for offering quality yoga instruction. Learn from our extensive experience and training how to sequence safely, how to encourage all students to get the benefits of yoga practice and how to enhance and assist your students. 

    Working as a Yoga Teacher

     Getting work as a yoga instructor, self-promotion and online marketing. We will give you practical help and advice about how to set up your own teaching practice, how to advertise and the basics of being a self-employed teacher.

     Join us this July 21st 1-3pm at Be-Yoga HH and this September 15th 2-4pm at The Loft, Brighton for a free Teacher Training Q & A. These events are your chance to meet us, find out more, practice with us and ask questions to see if our course is the right one for you. 

     Our anatomy module is introduced by yoga teacher and expert Physio, Pilates, Yoga Therapy trainer Silvia Laurenti. 

    History of yoga and philosophy guest lecturer by Dr Matthew Clark.

     We are taking registration now, email bryony@be-yoga.uk.com for an application form. 

  • Why train with us?

    To apply, please email bryony@be-yoga.uk.com for an application form or call 07818422387 if you have any questions. 

     Our course works because we have a small number of students on each training, this means each student receives attention and support from us directly, we are available throughout the course to answer questions and assist you. 

    This is an intensive training with highly experienced and well-qualified tutors who are fully immersed in teaching and studying yoga, movement and anatomy, we never stop learning and continue to share what we learn, yoga is not a part-time thing for us, it is our passion and our calling. 

    We know the structure of our training works well, 95% of our trainees go on to teach yoga in their own communities and beyond.

    At the end of our course, you experience teaching your own class and receive feedback, this means you are ready to offer the practice with the full support of us and your fellow trainees. 

    Our community of experienced teachers and mentors offers further support once you've completed the training,  you'll have the option of ongoing mentor support with an experienced teacher following the course.

    See below for the total cost of the course.

  • Course Price

    The full cost of the 200-hour training is £2850.

    A £300 deposit is required to secure your place, after this, you can choose a payment plan to suit you, 3-month, 6-month, and 10-month payment plans are available. 

    What you get for this price; 

    • 8 days luxurious full board accommodation with delicious food in Morocco.
      • Transfer to and from Agadir airport.
    • All tuition with 3 experienced SYTs, and expert guest teachers & lecturers.
    • A detailed training manual and reading list.
    • Your own, handmade Mala from 'Chant Mala's'
    • A class pass at Be-Yoga for use during the training. 
    • Journal + Folder
    • Be-Yoga library membership. 
    • Mentor support during the training.
    • Opportunity to teach a public class at the end of the training. 

    Flights to Morocco are not included, we fly with Easyjet from Gatwick, approximately £45.00 each way if you book early. 

     If you are on a low income and/or work in public sector services you may be eligible for an assisted place. 

  • A Senior yoga teacher, Minded yoga therapist, experienced teacher trainer and supervisor with the Minded Institute Bryony has been training and mentoring yoga teachers since 2011. A highly experienced 1500 + hour teacher with over 7500 hours teaching experience, teaching yoga full time for the last ten years to students of all ages and abilities including children and teens, professional sportsmen, pregnant ladies, older people and those with physical disabilities and students living with challenges to their mental health. 

    Practising yoga since the 90s, she trained first in 2008 and began teaching full time in London and Brighton, working as a trainer on the Yogahaven 200hr intensive training from 2011-2013 instructing and mentoring many new teachers.

    Ever a student, Bryony continues to train with Shiva Rea in India, London and Greece working towards a further 500 hours with the Prana Vinyasa community, she is also a Yoga therapist and a supervisor on the Minded Institute Yoga Therapy 550 hour training with Heather Mason at The Minded Institute 

    Setting up Be-yoga in 2014 has given Bryony the opportunity to share her extensive knowledge with students from all over Sussex. Honoured to be a sponsor for the Brighton Yoga Festival 2016 click here to see Bryony's Yoga for Stress relief Episode


  • Emma Newlyn

    Emma is an experienced 500 +hour teacher with over 2800 hours teaching experience.

      A massage therapist and health & wellbeing writer with a passion for intelligent sequencing and the exploration of Yoga philosophy. Since her first training in Hatha Flow yoga with Esther Ekhart in Europe, Emma has gone on to study with renowned teachers  Kathryn Budig, Shiva Rea, Stephanie Snyder and Doug Swenson. Emma completed her further 500 hours training in India with Julie Martin encouraging her to deepen her knowledge of anatomy, advanced philosophy, and a way of teaching that allows students to work with their own unique bodies, rather than ‘fitting into a posture’. Emma also teaches restorative Yoga and has trained to teach Children’s Yoga, which she feels has been beneficial and insightful no matter what age the people in class happen to be. As a former BA Honours graduate of music, she utilises a love of sound in the Kirtans she regularly leads, which include chanting, mantra and meditation. Emma is a sound healer and is currently studying as an Ayurvedic practitioner.

    Emma recently managed the third and hugely successful Brighton Yoga Festival in July, the BYF is a registered charity committed to helping as many people as possible benefit yoga.


  • Be-yoga's Anatomy Teacher
    Silvia Laurenti is an experienced lecturer and teacher trainer who has worked for many years as a physiotherapist, a massage therapist, Pilates instructor and yoga teacher. Silvia brings a wealth of knowledge to your training and is a delight to be around.
    As a 200-hour foundation course, we give you the basics of functional anatomy for movement with a focus on the most common injuries you may encounter when working as a teacher.
    Yoga is now being prescribed for lower back pain in the UK with many doctors also recommending yoga for anxiety and depression, on our training you will learn from Bryony who is a qualified Minded yoga therapist the basic therapeutic principles when offering yoga to the general public including an introduction to trauma-sensitive yoga. For further training in Yoga therapy, we recommend the Minded Institute 


  • History and Philosophy Teacher

    Dr. Matthew Clark is a Post-Graduate Research Associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

    Travelling in India for over forty years, Matthew brings ancient history to life with his entertaining lectures. An expert on the history and origins of modern yoga, a sanskrit scholar and a musician, we are so pleased to have Matthew with us at Be-Yoga.

    Read more about Matthew and his published work on Yoga and Soma here www.mahabongo.com