We went down onto the beach for our last sunset meditation in Morocco…..

We went down onto the beach for our last sunset meditation in Morocco…..

Introductions….and Morocco immersion

Our training begins at the beautiful Be-Yoga studio in Sussex, an introduction to the structure of the course and some creative ways to get to know each other. We dive straight in to the creative flow sequencing we love as well as Mala making with meditation and an introduction to chanting, the weekend includes an introduction to functional anatomy with the brilliant Sylvia Laurenti. Our immersion in Morocco follows 4 weeks later, 8 days together in the sunshine, we experience the transformative power of daily yoga and meditation away from all the usual distractions of life in the modern world, here we reconnect with nature and our true essence. You are invited to detox from your phone and the internet, experience life by the waves and meditate with the setting sun. We stay in Villa mandala looked after by the brilliant team at Surf Maroc.

Weekend modules

It’s essential for any training instructing movement to have a firm grounding knowledge in anatomy and physiology, we are also interested in functional anatomy and how the body heals itself, a yoga therapist and a physiotherapist, your anatomy teachers have decades of experience to share about how incredible the human body is. Learn how to adapt your teaching to include students with the most common injuries and conditions you will encounter when you start to teach. Yoga practice includes the subtle body, the movement of energy around the body, we include an introduction to the endocrine system, cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as the enteric nervous system, subtle energy is how we feel, we believe it’s helpful to have an understanding of the many varied and elegant ways the body adapts to growth and change, we look at the effects of stress and trauma in the body and the link with posture and emotion.


Anatomy in motion…

We learn about not just what grows where but how it fits together and most importantly how the body moves

History Herstory Philosophy

Yoga philosophy is fascinating and so relevant to todays world, we have the brilliant Matthew Clark with us once again to entertain with his extensive knowledge on the history of yoga, an associate professor at SOAS and a published author, Matthew brings the teachings to life for you. Emma Newlyn has been co teaching at the Academy since 2016, a writer, therapist, musician and Ayurveda teacher, Emma has hundreds of articles published online, her speciality is relating the many esoteric and cosmic ideas into real life, modern living philosophy as a way to bring yoga ‘off the mat’

How to sequence, structure & Flow

Clever informed and skilful sequencing is our passion . Be-Yoga founder Bryony, an experienced yoga therapist and senior yoga teacher has created dozens of delicious yoga sequences which she shares on this course. With respect for the roots and evolution of vinyasa flow, Bryony’s teaching is informed with the latest research and knowledge of the mind body connection, our training gives you the structure for 3 flow, one Yin and one Restorative sequence while giving you the tools to elaborate and create your own flow.


Book smart yoga

We never stop reading and learning about yoga, our extensive library is yours to use during the training, saving you money.

Energy, matter, energy in motion

Energy, matter, energy in motion

Terms and Conditions

We support our trainees every step of the way, we understand that teacher training is a big commitment of time and money.

It is your responsibility to be prompt, on time for every session and to arrange your own transport to each module. You will arrange your own flight to Agadir ( we fly from gatwick on Saturday February 22nd, there is only one flight per day. ) and we will organise your transfer from the airport, make sure you check travel conditions and arrive in plenty of time for your flight.

We offer a non refundable deposit of £300 once you are accepted on the course and flexible payment plans for the full amount.

If you cannot complete the training we are not able to refund the cost of the trip to Morocco as we pay in advance for this or the cost of course materials and guest tutors expenses. If you have to miss any of the practice contact hours you can make up the hours by attending classes with myself or Emma Newlyn at your own expense. If you miss any of the lecture hours you can make up the time with the course lecturer at a fee of £60 per hour.