• Be-yoga Hot

    All of our Hot Yoga classes are Mindful Flow Hatha yoga

    We warm the room to around 30-32 degrees. You will sweat! This warmth allows you to safely stretch your muscles, burn a lot of energy and leave with glowing skin and feeling amazing. The body responds well to the heated room; the muscles relax and you will feel more flexible. The heat intensifies the practice and it becomes more of a cardiovascular workout. We have a choice of 60 and 75-minute classes.

    The skin, as the body's largest organ, is designed to sweat and this process is a healthy way to move fluid through our system. Regular hot yoga is also a great way to maintain a healthy body weight.

    We welcome beginners to all of our yoga classes and hot yoga is a brilliant start as it will naturally make you feel more flexible. Since we opened in 2014 over 80% of our new students have never tried yoga before, we are all beginners every morning and each student can practise at their own pace, rest when they need to, and choose modifications that are right for their own body and fitness level.

    If you prefer a dedicated beginner class we also run two four-week courses for absolute beginners, starting on the first Thursday and first Saturday of each month. We also have two warm classes, on Mondays and Wednesdays, suitable for all but especially beginners and those who are looking for a more gentle alternative to our regular hot classes.


    Our mats are free to use but for hygiene reasons please use a towel that completely covers the mat. We rent mat towels at reception for £2.

    We also sell yoga mat towels.

    If you practice regularly it is worth investing in a yoga mat towel. We sell good quality, non-slip towels that last for many years in a range of colours. 

    Please make sure you are well hydrated before coming to hot yoga.


  • Alongside Hot classes we also offer...

    Yin Yoga - A yin practice is the perfect balance to the dynamic, hot yoga classes. The room is not hot; the postures are held for longer and the focus is drawn within. As you remain in the pose for between 3-5 minutes, the muscles relax and the focus is on the ligaments and the alignment of your bones. This practice has been referred to as Acupuncture with out the needles. The energy pathways in the body are cleared and opened, this leads to healing and a feeling of deep relaxation.

    Restorative Yoga - Another quiet and slower practice, restorative yoga- as the name would suggest- is a practice to restore and revive you, postures are held while seated or lying down.

    Be-yoga HATHA FLOW 90m - This class is suitable for those who like a longer practice. Classical yoga sequencing with emphasis on breath work and alignment.

    Be-yoga Vinyasa Flow DYNAMIC & Prana Vinyasa Dynamic Flow

    - These classes are faster paced style of vinyasa yoga, based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya and the Astanga tradition. At least 2 years of regular practice is recommended before you attend a dynamic vinyasa class.

    It is a great mind and body workout. We transition through the practice with continual flowing movement. Linking movement with breath is an ancient, proven method to strengthen the body and quieten the mind. These classes are stronger and more enjoyable if you have a reasonable level of fitness. Not suitable for beginners. 

    Yoga Nidra - or 'yogic sleep' is an ancient Indian tradition. The body is completely relaxed and awareness is increasingly drawn to the 'inner body'. It can help to relieve pain; encourage positive sleep; support fertility; ease tension and anxiety, and aid recovery from surgery and illness. 

    Gentle Daytime Hatha Yoga - Each week you will be guided through a different simple, relaxing sequence, classes include: yoga nidra; meditations; breathing exercises and mindful sequences. Suitable for all abilities.

    FOR OVER 55s... a class designed for older people, the gentle movements and breathing techniques will help to keep joints mobile and maintain good posture and balance. Many older people report further benefits from yoga including - improved mobility, less painful joints, better sleep and reduced anxiety. Come along to this friendly drop-in class and find out for yourself...

    Beginners Yoga 4 Week Course - If you are brand new to yoga, or have very little experience, this class is just for you. Designed to introduce you to the postures and transitions that feature in the classes here at Be-yoga, each week will also include a taster of the different styles of yoga here including Yin, Restorative and Nidra, as well as an introduction to breath work (Pranayama). The room is warm, and class numbers are kept small to allow for more individual attention and for questions to be answered. The course builds over 4 weeks to give students a grounding to take into the regular hot classes. Course runs on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings starting the first Thursday and first Saturday of each month. 

  • As well as...

    MOVING STRETCH Moving stretch is a revolutionary new movement method. It focuses on re-conditioning and releasing the body’s fascia, so we’re free to move and be, without pain or limitation, helping us to be stronger, lighter, taller, more comfortable in our skin, and with improved posture. It is a form of resistance stretching which concentrates on the actual movement of the stretch, while applying tension on the designated body part(s). By engaging the muscle through the stretch, we work in a safe range of motion which promotes strength as well as flexibility, which in turn improves mobility. Fascia also stores toxins which can be removed by stretching, and more collagen is produced by stretching the fascia, making this a natural, healthy way to detox the bodily systems. Moving Stretch is the perfect complement to a Yoga practice, or as a practice all of its own, helping to balance strength and flexibility, bringing about greater body awareness and intelligent movement. 

    FOR DANCERS... bringing the grace and style of ballet to Be-Yoga, professional dancer and Sussex Ballet School teacher Sarah Lofgren is holding regular Ballet Barre classes at Be-Yoga. Designed to stretch and tone your body, bringing balance and focus to your mind. A fun class, open to everyone.

    NEW! Lunchtime Express Classes...For local workers or those looking for a shorter practice, we offer 45 minute lunchtime express classes in Barre (Mon), Hatha (Tues and Thurs) and Moving Stretch (Fri) 12.30-1.15pm

  • Children are natural yogis who love to play and stretch, exploring the animal shapes and dynamic movement of their bodies. Classes feature games, yoga postures and we also teach short meditations to the children so they leave class calm and relaxed.

    We currently have two term-time classes on Wednesdays4-4.40pm for ages 4-8 years and 4.45-5.30pm for ages 9-12.

    We can be flexible with the ages if you think your child will be more suited to an older or younger class.

    Be-Yoga Kids Club is on Saturdays at 5pm with lots of yoga, games, mindfulness and meditation. This runs alongside the 5pm class for adults.

    Yoga for Teens is every Wednesday from 6-7pm and Friday 5.30 - 6.30pm alongside adult classes.

    All children's and teen's classes are limited to small numbers.

  • 1-2-1 Private Lessons

    A 1-2-1 lesson is a great way to improve your basic technique and get the most out of your yoga practice. Spending time with your teacher; answering questions you may have about your yoga practice; addressing key issues with your alignment and basic postures, as well as learning the right transitions for you.

    Classes are held at Be-Yoga or in your own home. Prices for an hour and a quarter start at £45 for a 1-2-1, and £60 for couples.

    Please call 07437478287 to arrange a time.