Why practice Yoga?

To feel better. For us it really is that simple, we feel better after yoga than we did before and here are some reasons why.....

We are designed to move our bodies around, to move energy in the form of oxygen in the blood, lymphatic fluid, electrical signals, minerals, proteins, hormones and all the wonderful things that keep us alive and well, our bodies are also full of motor and sensory pathways- communication from the brain to the body and the body to the brain, these signals are really important for our mental and physical health. Yoga is an excellent way to give all these systems a tune up and workout, providing a complete, holistic and therapeutic form of exercise for body and mind. 

why practice yoga with us?

We are the only dedicated yoga centre in the area and we are passionate about the benefits of Yoga. When you enter our space the feeling of peace and wellbeing is already there, so much nicer than a sweaty gym!

A regular practice will tone your muscles and strengthen your joints. Co-ordinating your breath with movement will improve the function of your cardiovascular system. Learning to balance and control your physical body will improve your focus and mental clarity.

These physical benefits promote a deeper sense of peace within us, leading to improved emotional well-being. When we can learn to relax our physical body we become calmer, emotionally stronger and more positive in our outlook and confidence.

Our pricing structure means you can buy a pass and choose from over 40 classes a week. 

Childs pose, a resting place to calm the mind

Childs pose, a resting place to calm the mind


'I've never tried yoga before, which class should I come to?'

Any class you like except the Dynamic Vinyasa Flow on Tuesday evening at 6.30 pm & Samadhi Flow Thursday evening at 7:45pm. These classes are a faster pace and easy to join in once you have a bit of experience.

We welcome everyone to every other class on the schedule regardless of age or experience, all of our teachers are skilled at offering modifications to sequences so you can choose the option that's right for your body at the time. For more information on how to prepare for class see here  If you're worried about being the only one in class who 'can't do it', then please relax and rest assured there will be other students in the room who are also starting yoga and feel exactly the same. Yoga is not a competitive sport!

What do I need to bring with me?

A towel, some water and an open mind. We have mats which are free to use, please use a mat size towel which completely covers the yoga mat, this is for hygiene reasons, keeping the centre clean and fresh for all of us. We do have changing rooms and spaces where you can leave your belongings, we ask that you do not take any bags or clothes into the studio with you, it is designed to be a zen space free from clutter.


how much are the classes?

We have an Introductory Offer for all new students of 4 Weeks of Yoga for £45,.

With this excellent value offer you can practice every day for 4 weeks, trying out all the different classes and teachers we have to offer.

This is the best way to begin your practice as it may take a few classes to really feel the benefits of your effort, yoga is a discipline which is not always easy, moving your body in a new way, concentrating on the breath instruction, managing your expectations can be a challenge for most of us but yoga is life and the more you put in, the more you will feel better.

Our 5, 10 and 20 class passes are good value if you practice once or twice a week.

Drop in price is £14, class passes are from £8 per class and our unlimited passes if you practice 2-4 times a week are £4-5 per class. See here for full pricing options  or call us on 07438 478287.

Mudra, yoga for your hands, a great way to keep joints mobile and maintain mobility and dexterity

Mudra, yoga for your hands, a great way to keep joints mobile and maintain mobility and dexterity

I’ve never done yoga before…

Welcome! Since we opened in 2014 over 80% of our students have been new to yoga, we welcome all ages, all levels of fitness and we love to introduce new students to the healing practice of yoga.

It is unlikely that you will be the only new students here, all our teachers can offer you modifications for more challenging postures, we never encourage a competitive approach because yoga is not a sport, it is a practice,  you are encouraged to go at your own pace and to rest whenever you need to. Feel free to speak to one of our team about any concerns, injuries or health conditions you may have, we are here to help.