How to prepare for hot yoga

 Please avoid eating a meal at for least two hours before class or a light snack no less than an hour before class.

For the hot classes, you will need a full length towel to cover your mat if you are using one of our mats. This is for hygiene reasons. You might like to bring some water to drink. We sell water for Β£1 and hire towels for Β£2 at reception. 

It is best to be well hydrated before class, so please try to drink enough water before you get to class.

What to wear to Hot yoga? 

You will sweat in our Hot yoga class! Stretchy, synthetic fabric designed for exercise is more comfortable than cotton clothing, which will soak up the sweat and become heavy. For ladies, we recommend you wear leggings, capris or shorts with a sports bra or vest and for men, swim shorts or comfortable gym shorts are best.


how to prepare for yoga practice

Please avoid eating a large meal for two hours before class, it is not comfortable or safe to practise with a full stomach.

For the early mornings, half a banana or some nut milk 30 minutes before class is advised if your energy is low.

We provide mats for practice, you are also welcome to use your own. You will need to use a mat towel if you use our mats, this is for hygiene reasons.  We have a good selection of bolsters, blankets, blocks, cushions & straps.

Wear clothing you can stretch and relax in. 

Please refrain from wearing shoes at Be-yoga. When you come to class please leave your shoes in the shoe rack on the ground floor.

Doors open half an hour before class. When you arrive at the studio please check in at reception, even if you have signed in online.

Please arrive with time to change and relax before practice begins. Note that we lock the main front door downstairs approximately 2-3 minutes before class starts to avoid disruption and to allow the class to start on time.

Please leave your bags in the shelving in reception. If you need to take any valuables into the studio, please remember to turn your phone off. 

Studio Etiquette


Take your shoes off when entering the space, even if just visiting


Use the spray bottles to clean your mat


Leave all belongings in the shelves provided, take nothing into the studio except your mat, water bottle


Use a mat with a mat liner etc


we all tidy up the mats and props after each class